Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sigh, you win Paul . . .

So . . . pretty much since we started dating, Paul has been going on and on about how good the show Arrested Development is. I usually just rolled my eyes at him since we tend to have different taste in music, movies and t.v. shows and so what he thinks is "really good" isn't usually all that impressive to me but, I have to hand it to him, he got it right this time. I started watching it on DVD and within 48 hours I had watched all 3 seasons. Jason Bateman might be my new favorite actor. I just watched Horrible Bosses (and LOVED it by the way!!) and the whole time I was thinking about how much I can't wait to see the new Arrested development movie.

Speaking of Horrible Bosses it turns out I've also fallen head over heels in love with Charlie Day. And I'm really starting to warm up to It's always Sunny In Philadelphia, another show that Paul loves and that I wasn't too impressed with at first. See my problem is that I really REALLY hate stupid people. And the gang that works at Paddy's Pub is probably the biggest group of dumbasses I've ever seen on t.v. But Charlie is just soooo adorably down on his luck all the time that I can't help but love his character. OH and did I mention that I think he's friggin' adorable looking?

I guess what this has taught me is that Paul doesn't have such bad taste after all. Lol I love you baby!

Yours forever on the net
- TiNA

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