Thursday, August 25, 2011

So much driving . . .

There are always moments when you wanna kill the one you love. Not literally, just, you know, choke them out a little or ship them away so you don't have to see them till they make their way back from Timbucktoo. This is how I felt about my bf for the last little while. See, things have been very stressful. A week before I was supposed to go on a vacation with Paul and my family, he started having some trouble at work. We drove down to Winnipeg only to have to turn around and drive all the way back to talk to HR and THEN drive right back again!!
in the end he decided to leave the company. So, needless to say this was a fruit basket upset. What were we gonna do? There is clearly no reason to stay in the 'flon if Paul wouldn't be working there and with both of us not having jobs, how were we supposed to pay bills, moving expenses and pay for our vacation?
I begged him, even my parents begged him to come along with us on the trip. They figured it would be good for him to get his mind off things but . . . he decided not to and so we went.
Of course, now Paul has a much better job (it only took two weeks before he was snapped up by another company). It pays more and will give him more challenges in order to make himself a more experienced geologist. So everything seems to be working for the best but . . . there were some moments I didn't think we were gonna make it through.

They say what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger,
Yours forever on the net, -TiNA

Monday, August 22, 2011

a confession . . .

So, according to Wikipedia; Housewife is a term used to describe a married woman with household responsibilities who is not employed outside the home. Merriam Webster describes a housewife as a married woman who is in charge of her household.
This means that I am a bit of a fraud as Paul and I are not married, and I am employed. Or I WAS employed, up till last Friday morning. See here is what happened.
I came to work at 5:40, yes I admit I was a few minutes late which already had me in not the greatest mood, only to find out that there were 5 people scheduled to work! Now consider that all summer we were constantly short staffed. (People would not show up to work, as soon as we would hire someone, someone else would quit. There were many days that I thought this is nuts, but the fact was this was happening to many businesses in town. In fact one place had to shut down completely because there were no cooks.) So on the one hand I was ecstatic, 'OMG! This is great! We are gonna get so much work done today.' But on the other hand I was like 'WTF? WHY do we have 5 people?' It definately felt like too many cooks in the kitchen.
But anyway, turns out we had a new lady working with us, apparently she had started the day before so one lady (from now on she will be referred to as Mrs.X) asked if I would stay on the line and train her. I agreed. 6 AM arrived and we opened the doors of the restaurant. Usually on weekdays we have a steady rush from 6 to 6:30ish which can be a little hard for one person to handle but usually goes pretty steady for 2 people. Anyway we always prepare a tray of half cooked bacon so that when the orders come up it doesnt take so long to prepare. SO Mrs. X took the tray of bacon out of the oven and dripped grease all over the floor. She tried to wipe it up but the floor still felt like a skating rink so needless to say, rushing about making breakfasts while fearing for my life, (because I was SURE I was gonna fall and break my neck), did not make my mood any better.
Around 6:45 our manager called the kitchen, just to make sure everything was running smoothly and to give us a list of things she wanted us to complete. It was all very straightforward, she wanted us to prep really well for the night shift because there would only be two of them working and because the weekend was coming up and she wanted things to be easier for everyone. So I went to our prep board in the back and started writing down the things that needed to be done.
Mrs. X comes around the corner and says "What do we have to do all this for?"
"So that we can be all prepped up" I replied "Well why can't the evening guys do their own stuff?" She asked. "Well there are FIVE of us, and only TWO of them so we can do this no problem" I answered. She rolled her eyes and said "Ookay" as she walked away.
I turned to a coworker (Ms. J) and made some "Ahhhh" gestures with my hands, wondering why I have to deal with this crap first thing in the morning. I mean HELLO-O, is it unreasonable that we should help out the night staff? And why am I getting attitude when I'm only writing down the exact instructions that the MANAGER gave me?
I continue to write on the board until 2 seconds later when Mrs. X comes around the corner and whines "Well I just don't see why we should have to prep for them when you didn't leave anything for Ms.J the day before your day off." I stop and stare at her. I can feel my eyes getting wide and my heart start beating faster. I have worked at many places I have never had ANYONE call me lazy. I actually pride myself on the fact that I think I am a good team player, because I have always been taught AND I truly believe that everyone in a kitchen HAS to work together in order for things to move smoothly.
"What do you mean?" I ask looking straight at Ms.J. "Oh well, it's just that there was no french onion soup made" She said. "That's because there were no onions!" I replied feeling myself about to explode. (I could not believe it. I made her three pails of soup, I made sure there was bacon trayed up and I made fresh waffle mix on top of the takeout catering order I had to do AND the normal restaurant line orders, but I get bitched at because I didn't make french onion soup because there were NO ONIONS anywhere in the kitchen?!?) "You know what?" I asked, "F**k it! Forget this ridiculousness! If I'm such a terrible worker, then I'm just gonna leave!" and so I took off my apron, threw it in the hamper, grabbed my clothes from the changeroom and left out the back door.
Ms.J followed me, "look, can't we talk about this?" But I shook my head "I'm done" I told her, "I cannot work with someone who runs their mouth, placing blame on others and doesn't want to do the work themselves. I'm done!" and I got it my car and left.
So that's it. I suppose I could have quit in a calmer or classier way but to be honest working for another two weeks would not have been possible, and the relief I felt at the knowledge that I would never have to step back into that kitchen is one that I still can't describe now, days later

Anyway, sorry if this has been a bit of a downer but I had to get it off my chest.

Yours forever on the net.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back story

So unlike a lot of people here I have NOT grown up in Flin Flon all my life. In fact I am a very new resident, as I have only been living here for. . . (pauses to count on perfectly painted fingernails) 3 and a half months. Turns out I've actually lived in Winnipeg all my life. When I tell people that, I usually get two main responses. The first one is "WHY would you move here?"
Good question. It all started Waaaay back last December. My boyfriend Paul (A.K.A. my lover, my best friend, my voice of reason, the one who pampers me . . . sorry I tend to get a bit carried away. I love him to death but that comes later in the story) ANYWAY, my boyfriend applied for a job with Hudbay Minerals which is a Large Mining Company that has been in the Flin Flon area since the 20's. And he got it!! Which was fantastic for about 2 minutes until I realised this meant he would be 8 HOURS away from me for weeks at a time! In the bush? With no cell phone service!?! Oh horrors, how would our relationship ever survive?
Well as you can tell, we survived but about 4 months into the year we realised it was getting pretty tough, so during the last week of April I drove up to Flin Flon to scout out a job and a place to live.
Well, it went much better than expected I had one interview and was hired on the spot I worked my first shift the next day. Paul and I were staying in a hotel together but we were able to look at the only house that the realty company had for rent. A cute little 3 bedroom house uptown. We also looked at a slightly larger house that someone was renting privately but the man seemed to have a little too much attitude against us having a bunny (more about him later) so we decided to go with the first place. We had a serious discussion and after a little bit of prodding and nudging Paul and I began signing the papers to rent our first place together. TRES (<-- that's french, it means VERY) Exciting!
The second response I usually get is "Oh yeah, I came up here for a job too. I figured it would be temporary too, but I ended up staying for 20 years!!" To which I usually reply with a nervous laugh and a wide-eyed look of panic. Look. No offence. I like Flin Flon. The trees, rocks and the lakes are gorgeous, and I've met some really nice people here but, hey, come on, I'm a city girl at heart.