Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A housewife's house-hunt!

So, turns out that finding a spacious, newly renovated, Rabbit friendly, affordable apartment in Winnipeg is a bit difficult. We looked at a few places on-line, we looked at a half dozen in person and we filled out forms for at least 3 different development companies, but nothing felt quite right.
One place was practically brand new, it was gorgeous, they accepted rabbits but was apparently very hard to get approved for and had such thin walls that you were forbidden to use sub-woofers when watching movies.
Another place was also brand new, It was PERFECT!! You got a balcony, in suite laundry, it was in a perfect area of the city. The rent was reasonable and there was no terms you could rent monthly BUT they allowed cats and dogs but NO RABBITS!! We were surprised, confused and very disappointed and although my mom offered to keep Dennis so we could have the apartment we decided that he is a part of our little family and that we wanted to keep him with us.
Finally I found a place on Edison which I thought was great because it is VERY close to two of my best friends. It was newly renovated, fairly spacious, but unfortunately did not have a balcony or in suite laundry, rent was kinda high BUT Dennis would be allowed and so we decided to hand in an application. It took them a whole week to get back to us (which was extremely hard to deal with as I am not the most patient person in the world) but on yesterday they finally told us that we were approved and that we would take over on Oct 1st!
I mostly have to say I'm relieved that we found a place and that we will be able to settle in before the weather gets too cold and I am extremely excited to be able to have friends and family over. Paul and I work hard and I think we deserve to have a place of our own where we can be happy and proud of what we've accomplished.

I hope to post pictures up as soon as possible,
Yours forever on the net,
- TiNA