Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back story

So unlike a lot of people here I have NOT grown up in Flin Flon all my life. In fact I am a very new resident, as I have only been living here for. . . (pauses to count on perfectly painted fingernails) 3 and a half months. Turns out I've actually lived in Winnipeg all my life. When I tell people that, I usually get two main responses. The first one is "WHY would you move here?"
Good question. It all started Waaaay back last December. My boyfriend Paul (A.K.A. my lover, my best friend, my voice of reason, the one who pampers me . . . sorry I tend to get a bit carried away. I love him to death but that comes later in the story) ANYWAY, my boyfriend applied for a job with Hudbay Minerals which is a Large Mining Company that has been in the Flin Flon area since the 20's. And he got it!! Which was fantastic for about 2 minutes until I realised this meant he would be 8 HOURS away from me for weeks at a time! In the bush? With no cell phone service!?! Oh horrors, how would our relationship ever survive?
Well as you can tell, we survived but about 4 months into the year we realised it was getting pretty tough, so during the last week of April I drove up to Flin Flon to scout out a job and a place to live.
Well, it went much better than expected I had one interview and was hired on the spot I worked my first shift the next day. Paul and I were staying in a hotel together but we were able to look at the only house that the realty company had for rent. A cute little 3 bedroom house uptown. We also looked at a slightly larger house that someone was renting privately but the man seemed to have a little too much attitude against us having a bunny (more about him later) so we decided to go with the first place. We had a serious discussion and after a little bit of prodding and nudging Paul and I began signing the papers to rent our first place together. TRES (<-- that's french, it means VERY) Exciting!
The second response I usually get is "Oh yeah, I came up here for a job too. I figured it would be temporary too, but I ended up staying for 20 years!!" To which I usually reply with a nervous laugh and a wide-eyed look of panic. Look. No offence. I like Flin Flon. The trees, rocks and the lakes are gorgeous, and I've met some really nice people here but, hey, come on, I'm a city girl at heart.

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